Health Therapies and Delivery

Addressing challenges with polymer technologies

The Health Therapies & Delivery program, led by Dr Helmut Thissen (CSIRO), is seeking to improve health outcomes by developing products that require polymer technologies for therapies and their delivery in human and animal health applications. The research involves understanding the interactions between polymers and biological materials, and tailoring the architecture and composition of synthetic polymers and biopolymers for use in biological applications.

Synthetic polymer surfaces for the production of adult mesenchymal precursor cells

Polymer-coated cell culture surfaces that are chemically defined will be developed for use in an improved process for the production of adult mesenchymal precursor cells. These cells are being developed as innovative biological products for specific conditions in the broad field of regenerative medicine.

Single-injection vaccine with biopolymer-based delivery system for control of cattle tick

The CRCP’s new single injection biopolymer-based delivery system is being combined with known antigens to develop the first cost-effective annual vaccine for cattle tick. A single dose delivery system is required to meet the industry standard of an annual muster of beef cattle in northern Australia. The system produces a biodegradable depot that controls the release of the vaccine.

For further information about the Health Therapies & Delivery Program and any of its projects, please contact Program Leader .

CRC for Polymers researcher, Dr Katie Styan (CSIRO) at work

CRC for Polymers researcher, Dr Katie Styan (CSIRO) at work