Our Research

What we do at CRC for Polymers

The CRC for Polymers, as a centre of collaborative excellence in polymer research, is using its world-class expertise in polymer science and engineering to address high-value commercial opportunities that will deliver economic, social and environmental benefits to Australia.

The major challenge being addressed by the Centre is to establish Australian manufacturing as a leading provider and exporter of products that meet emerging global needs in three areas – health therapies and delivery, water and food security, and low-cost solar energy - using enabling and sustainable advanced polymer technology.

Each of these areas is addressed by a separate research program within the CRCP. The common research challenge is tailoring the architecture and composition of polymers to provide the novel properties required by end users. The research network of the CRCP provides all the needed expertise in synthesis, biopolymers, surface chemistry, chemical modification, compounding, characterisation, structure-property relationships and degradation. It also includes the additional expertise required from other branches of science. Our researchers and postdoctoral fellows are based in the laboratories of our university and research organsiation Participants in Australia, and have access to their relevant research facilities.

For more than two decades, the R&D projects of the CRC for Polymers has been developing new polymer technologies in collaboration with Australian manufacturers. To make an enquiry about polymer solutions for your company, please Contact Us.