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BASF licenses CRC for Polymers soil wetting technologies

June 29, 2016 – BASF has licensed new soil wetting technologies co-developed with the Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers (CRCP) to help Australian farmers improve water efficiencies and increase yields. The wetting agents are applied in a band to the surface soil directly above the seed, concurrently with the seeding operation, where they significantly improve water infiltration in the soil, reducing run-off losses and increasing the extent of moisture retention in the developing root zone.

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Ultra-thin degradable plastic film helps native trees regenerate and crops flourish

8 March 2016 - Brisbane, Australia – New degradable plastic film that is less than the width of a human hair has proved its worth in helping to regenerate native trees and establish high value crops.  The new technology has won the Excellence in Innovation Award for the Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers and its partners, announced on Tuesday March 8 at the CRC Association gala dinner.

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Launch of materials research centre to assist Australian manufacturing

26 March 2013 – Australia’s $9 billion polymers industry will be boosted by a national cooperative research initiative launched today. The launch will feature a novel degradable plastic film that Greening Australia and the Birchip Cropping Group have shown can dramatically improve the re-establishment of native woodlands. The initiative will bring science and industry together to develop products that meet emerging global needs in three areas – health therapies and delivery, water and food security, and low-cost solar energy – using enabling advanced polymer technology.

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Revegetation of native trees using degradable plastic film

26 March 2013 – A novel degradable plastic could dramatically improve the efficiency of native tree revegetation from seed in marginal low rainfall areas, which typically give low germination and establishment. The process is being developed by Greening Australia and Australian manufacturer Integrated Packaging through the CRC for Polymers. The improved process involves using degrading ultra-thin plastic propagation film. The film is applied mechanically at the time that the seed is planted, and the film is buried at the edges to form a temporary ‘greenhouse’ to enhance plant growth.

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BASF and CRC for Polymers to develop advanced technologies for soil moisture management

22 August 2012 – BASF and the Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers have signed a cooperation agreement to develop a new range of advanced polymers that will help farmers better manage water and nutrients in the soil. The five-year cooperation will strengthen the research and commercial activities at Functional Crop Care, which develops solutions for stress and resource management in crop farming.

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