Postgraduate education: unlocking your future potential

The CRC for Polymers is a great environment to do your PhD. We have the following supervisors, all leaders in their fields, who are recruiting PhD students right now - click on their name to learn more about them:

Queensland University of Technology: Professor Steven Bottle, Emeritus Professor Graeme George

Research area: Macromolecular and Materials Chemistry, Materials Engineering, Degradable polymers

Swinburne University of Technology: Professor David Mainwaring

Research area:  Biopolymers

The University of Newcastle: Professor Paul Dastoor

Research area: Organic electronics, Semi-conducting polymers

The University of Queensland: Professor Pete Halley

Research area: Rheology and processing of biopolymers, Nanostructured polymers

The University of Wollongong: Professor David Officer

Research area: Functionalised conducting polymers, Porphyrin-based solar cells

The University of Western Australia: Professor Daniel Murphy

Research area: Soil biology, Nutrient cycling and isotopes, Microanalysis, Microscopy and Molecular Ecology

The University of New South Wales: Professor Rob Burford, Professor Vicki Chen

Research area: Polymer reaction engineering, Polymer membrane science