Postgraduate education

Gaining further skills by undertaking a higher degree

Before starting her PhD, Fran Ercole worked in industry and CSIRO for over 10 years.  Fran commenced her PhD funded by the CRC for Polymers, in association with the Centre for Advanced Macromolecular Design (UNSW), in August 2007. She is investigating the behaviour of photochromic-polymer conjugates which find application in UV-protecting lenses and photoresponsive materials.  Fran says “I like my project because it has given me the chance to further develop both my chemistry and polymer skills.  There is always something new to learn and different applications to consider.  Being a student with the CRC-P has provided a connection to industry, many opportunities to liaise with experienced scientists, and I have access to a broad range of training.  By conducting most of my work at CSIRO, which has great facilities, and with ample trips to UNSW, I have even greater access to expertise and resources.  I appreciate that the CRC-P has made this possible for me.