Postgraduate education

Joining the polymer research community through further studies

Jatin Kumar had always been interested in research but it wasn’t until his final year of undergraduate studies that he realised the need to undertake postgraduate studies in order to best position himself for a career in process engineering.  The combination of an interesting research project and an attractive scholarship from the CRC for Polymers convinced him to undertake a PhD at UNSW.  His research is focused on the synthesis of polymers with complex architectures and functionalities.  Using controlled free radical and polymer conjugation techniques, he is synthesising star, comb and glycosylated polymers as well as polymeric micelles, all of which may have potential for biomedical applications.  About doing a PhD sponsored by the CRC-P, Jatin says “The CRC-P ensures that their PhD students are well looked after in order for them to get the most out of their postgraduate experience.  Members of the CRC-P are experts in almost every facet of polymer science and engineering. The CRC-P has strived to create a polymer community within Australia by bringing together these experts from academia as well as industry.  The resultant holistic and well resources experience has meant that I have had opportunities to interact with this community, enriching my education in the field of polymer science beyond that of my peers who do not have the benefit of an association with a CRC.”