Strategies and activities

The CRC for Polymers has a comprehensive and focused strategy for the  commercialisation of its research. Commercialisation strategies have  been developed for all the activities in the research programs and these  are contained in project agreements that have been executed by all the  participants in each project and the CRCP. Nearly all the projects are being conducted in collaboration with a user participant that:

  • has identified the market need for the technology being developed,
  • has determined that it has high commercial potential based on their detailed knowledge of the market,
  • has the necessary production and distribution channels to take the resulting product to market, and
  • is committed to commercialising the technology because of its high potential impact on their business.

The CRCP manages the commercialisation program and is supported by  Deputy Research Program Leaders, members of the project teams who bring  in-depth knowledge of the target markets, plus scientists and engineers  committed to this program within the CRCP. The commercialisation  activities are guided by the Board of the CRCP, which includes members  with commercialisation skills, and the  Commercialisation Advisory  Committee also provides advice on commercialisation.

The major pathway for commercialisation is through the CRCP  licensing the technology to the industrial participant involved in the  development of that technology for the applications and territories that  they can exploit. This allows the CRCP to exploit the commercial  opportunities in the wider applications or other territories through  additional licences or the creation of spin-off companies.

The Board and the management of the CRCP have the skills required to  manage the process of obtaining investment capital, and the management  team of the CRCP includes members that have been involved in previous  successful capital raising activities.