Summary of CRC for Polymers’ achievements

For 25 years since 1992, the CRC for Polymers (CRCP) has driven end-user collaborative research linking a total of 24 companies and 8 other end-user organisations with 14 universities and three government research laboratories. Twelve industry participants have entered into agreements to commercialise CRCP technologies and, additionally, the CRCP created four spin-off companies. The resulting products include new fire performance cables, soil wetting agents and degradable packaging materials. The CRCP leaves an enviable legacy to the Australian polymer research community having its work described in 464 journal and 522 conference papers. It supported 59 PhD students, half of whom are now working in industry, and provided industry-driven research experience to more than 200 postdoctoral fellows. The CRCP stands as an outstanding example of how sustained, targeted government funding of research together with effective management ultimately results in long-term tangible benefits for Australia.

The attached Exit Report highlights some of the many achievements and long-term benefits to Australia arising from the CRCP. It provides an overview of some of the innovative technologies developed, the progress made towards their commercialisation and impacts, the education and training program and key aspects of the collaboration.