CRC for Polymers Prize

2013 ’1st place’ prize was awarded to:

  • Mr Adam Sutton from The University of Western Sydney (supervisors: Dr Patrice Castignolles), for his research report, “Characterising Smart Block Copolymer by Free Solution Capillary Electrophoresis and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance”.

2013 ‘Highly commended’ prizes were awarded to:

  • Miss Anna Gemmell from the University of Queensland (supervisor: Dr Kristopher Thurecht), for her research report, “Functionalised Hyperbranched Polymers for Quantified Gene Delivery via FRET”, and;
  • Mr Edward Stephens from the University of New South Wales (supervisor: Dr Anthony Granville), for his research report, “Investigation of Indazole-Dopamine copolymer coatings”.

Congratulations to all 2013 prize winners:

Mr Adam Sutton

Mr Adam Sutton

Ms Anna Gemmell

Ms Anna Gemmell

Mr Edward Stephens

Mr Edward Stephens


Give your future career in Polymers a head start

The Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers is a collaborative research venture which unites Australia’s leading polymer researchers to create real world solutions. In partnership with 23 organisations, its research covers health therapies and delivery, water and food security and polymer solar cells.

The Centre sponsors up to two prizes for a report based on project work in any field of polymer science or engineering. The prize includes a cash component of $1,500 and financial support to enable attendance at the annual Australasian Polymer Symposium. The competition is open to all undergraduate students who have completed a research project as part of the requirement for a Bachelors or Honours degree in a relevant area of engineering, materials science or chemistry during the proceeding year.

The report may be the student’s final year project report or honours thesis. It is expected that the project report will be a concise, high-quality document of original, well presented science and technology. The research reported must have been conducted and written up by the applicant. A statement to this effect, signed by the student’s supervisor, should accompany the application.

The report will be reviewed for scientific merit, creativity, originality and presentation by a panel appointed by a nominee of the RACI Polymer Division Standing Committee.

Competition entries (four copies of your thesis and application form) should be submitted to the above address. Entries for the 2012 prize have now closed. The closing date for the 2013 competition will be announced later in the year.

Further information:
The Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers,8 Redwood Drive, Notting Hill, Victoria 3168.
Phone: 03 9518 0400, Email:

The CRC reserves the right to withhold the award if no applications of sufficient merit are received.

Past Award Recipients

2012 Shu Lam, The University of Melbourne
Yaqi Tang, Monash University
2011 Steven Harris Wibowo, The University of Melbourne
Amanda Pearce, The University of Queensland
2010 Robert Brooke, Flinders University
Samantha Passmore, University of Queensland
2009 Jessica Tom, University of Sydney
Adrian Widjaya, University of Melbourne
2008 Johannes Arend van Hensbergen, University of New South Wales
Jing Ming Ren, University of Melbourne
2007 Andrew J Inglis, University of New South Wales
Kelly Tsang, Monash University
2006 Shannon Little, University of Wollongong
2005 Jennifer Hodgson, Australian National University
2004 Kylie Varcoe, University of Queensland
2003 Hugh Chaffey-Millar, University of New South Wales
2002 Karina George, QUT
2001 Simon Angus, University of New South Wales
2000 Jeffrey Castro, University of Sydney
1999 Elissa Dymke, University of Wollongong
1998 Ben Muir, Monash University
1997 J McNicol, Australian National University
1996 M Griffiths, University of Sydney
1995 A Mayr, Monash University