Our Board

Our board bring to the CRC for Polymers their combined experience, knowledge and understanding in a wide range of very relevant areas including strategy, general management, project management, research and development, technology commercialisation, start-up companies, capital raising, finance and education. Their combined experience as company directors exceeds 100 years.


Dr Peter Coldrey

Independent Chair

Dr Peter Coldrey has degrees in chemical engineering and commerce from the University of Melbourne. He has been Chairman of the CRC for Polymers since 2003 and is also Chair of the National Characterisation Council and a Director of AINSE Ltd. He has extensive industrial research experience in the chemical and ophthalmic lens industries and has worked for several years in the UK and the USA.  He is a Fellow of the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering and was awarded a Centenary Medal in 2001 for contributions to science and technology.

Dr Ian Dagley


Dr Ian Dagley is the Chief Executive Officer of the CRC for Polymers, a position held since December 1995. Dr Dagley has a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Melbourne and an MBA from RMIT. His research career has also included periods at Oxford University, time with Pacific Dunlop, and ten years in research positions with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Technological Science and Engineering and a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

Mr Ross Pilling

Director, Chair of the Operations and Performance Advisory Committee (OPAC)

Ross Pilling is the Managing Director of BASF Australia Ltd. Ross joined BASF Australia Ltd. in 1999 as Business Director with responsibility for the Shared Services Platform. From 2004 until taking up his current role in 2008, Ross was Managing Director of BASF Asia Pacific Service Centre in Malaysia, with the responsibility for establishing a shared services centre to deliver HR, Finance and IT services to 60 BASF companies in 16 Asian countries. Prior to joining BASF, Ross had more than 20 years experience in the manufacturing industry in Europe and Australia. Ross is a graduate of The University of Liverpool (UK) in Metallurgy & Materials Science (Hons). He completed his Masters in Industrial Engineering and Administration at the Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK.

Dr Keith McLean

Director, Chair of the Research and Education Advisory Committee (REAC)

Keith McLean is Theme Leader, Biomedical Materials and Devices, at CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering in Clayton. He leads a multidisciplinary team of approximately 75 staff and students with expertise in materials, polymer, protein and surface science, cell and molecular biology, biocompatibility, physics, engineering, and clinical medicine. Keith completed a BSc(Hons) in microbiology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, as well as a PhD where he developed expertise in oilfield microbiology, biofouling and bacterial surface interactions. He has over 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications, four book chapters and has authored over 100 conference articles.

Mr John Cerini

Director, Chair of the Commercialisation Advisory Committee (CAC)

John Cerini is a results driven senior executive with an excellent track record in the manufacturing industry. He has a broad range of successes that includes business turnaround, Asian based manufacturing, joint venture establishment and acquisition. John has been the CEO of the Integrated Packaging Group since 2003 and prior to joining IPG John was a senior executive and Divisional General Manager in the Amcor packaging business for 10 years and CEO of Detmold Packaging for five years. Since joining IPG, John has sought to capitalise on growth opportunities in the industrial materials handling and the agricultural crop packaging sectors.

Mr John Grace

Independent Director

John Grace is focussed in the commercial development of leading edge science predominantly in Biotechnology He is particularly skilled in the complexities of commercialisation of research, particularly from the public sector. He has worked with organisations ranging from Burns Philip to CSIRO and AMRAD, where he was CEO for 11 years. John is an experienced director of listed and private companies and operates a consulting business TechAdvisory Pty Ltd which offers services in research planning and commercialisation.

Dr Ergad Gold

Independent Director

Dr Ergad Gold is Principal and Executive Director of Momentum Investment Group. Dr Gold is a technologist with many years experience in product development and commercialisation spanning a wide range of technologies. He has worked extensively in industry, government and academia and acted as a Director of several early stage technology companies within the Momentum portfolio. Dr Gold has a PhD and BSc (Hons) from the University of Melbourne.

Mr Steve Wright

Business Manager & Company Secretary

Mr Steve Wright is the Business Manager and Company Secretary of the CRC for Polymers. He has held this role since January 1997. Prior to this time, Mr Wright’s experience included management roles at CSIRO Building, Construction and Engineering, and the National Building Technology Centre. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from the Australian National University and an MBA from the University of New South Wales.